Why can the business loan be considered an investment?

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Terms such as borrowing, taking credit and other synonyms that apply to the action of borrowing money and then paying it in installments with interest are forbidden by many entrepreneurs.

In some cases, employees who suggest this credit strategy for the time of business have their intellectual capacities seriously questioned. But does a thought so ingrained fit the profile of so-called entrepreneurs?

Of course the easiest association to make with regard to loans is that about taking out expenses and getting worse, but that is not always the case. In this post, we show you how the loan can really boost the results. Check out.

Importance of having balanced accounts

  • Situations in which the loan brings returns to the business
    • Investing in optimization and cost reduction technologies
    • Facilitate the payment of more expensive debts
    • Unblock the business for tax, tax or labor issues
    • Securing tax deductions

Importance of having balanced accounts

Accounts up to date. This is a good point to start this discussion, because, most of the time, it is the justification of the entrepreneurs not to take credits in the market.

Nowadays, having a scalable business is one of the most important characteristics to succeed in business, after all, having few fixed expenses and capacity to serve more customers means only increased earnings.

However, in order to reach this point, one must find balance, including financial. Whether it is to hire resource optimization technologies, or to increase inventory to meet an opportunity that arises, a loan can help in finding that ideal spot.

And yes, exchanging a more expensive loan for a cheaper one is a way of putting order and strategy into the company’s accounts.

Anyone who wants to progress knows that there is no business without monthly expenses. The idea is to make them fit in the budget instead of stifling their efforts.

Situations in which the loan brings returns to the business

Situations in which the loan brings returns to the business

Considering that it is possible to achieve this balance by borrowing, let us look at some situations in which they will enter the strategy equation positively.

Investing in optimization and cost reduction technologies

At all times, innovations come to market that are able to optimize processes and reduce costs.

If you needed to have a full team to do marketing management, for example, today automation solutions analyze customer behavior, interact as if they were people on social networks, and even fire emails to specifically targeted audiences.

That is, while they increase the quality of the interactions, they convert more sales by their efficiency in the treatment of the data and still reduce the cost with the skilled labor. And such solutions spread throughout the organization chart of companies.

Facilitate the payment of more expensive debts

The Brazilian economy is experiencing ups and downs, which in some cases compel entrepreneurs to make more difficult decisions in order to minimize problems.

In more prosperous times, however, it is possible to seek credit solutions that are more advantageous than those previously contracted. Thus, swapping a heavier debt for another that frees up the company’s investment capacity is also a good deal.

Unblock the business for tax, tax or labor issues

Speaking of difficult decisions and decisions, in some cases, they also end up involving a default situation with taxes and mandatory contributions to the government.

It turns out that, with the end of the cycles, the assessment of the supervisory entities can prevent the continuity of the business operation. In these critical moments, the loan is also seen as an investment for the business to stay alive and able to recover its results.

Securing tax deductions

Still considering institutional relations with the government, borrowing from credit institutions, such as Nexoos, allows the company to have a tax advantage for the use of third-party capital. The amount used is deducted from that in which the calculation for the collection of the tax is levied.

The loan will always be valid when the return it brings is more advantageous than its costs. For this, the analysis of its conditions must be carried out judiciously and always considering the financial capacity of the business.

This is the philosophy of Nexoos, which connects entrepreneurs with potential investors: offering credit conditions that boost business.

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